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  DA Estimator
Current version: 1.3
Issued on December 30, 2005

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Designed for top

... maritime ship agents ("Agents") companies in their actions to sustain the commercial interests (and responsabilities) of a vessel's owner/manager. This software product copes with all the aspects of "Disbursement Accounts". For the maritime shipping industry, these terms are very familiar to maritime Agents, who undertake the role of being the representative of any owner of a merchant vessel calling a port (harbour) or transiting a man made structure and thus - be ready to calculate (and issue) an exact estimation of the vessel's fees to be paid to the port's administration parties. The specific document related to these fees is a proforma invoice ("D/A Proforma").

DA Estimator keeps and allow updating of the tariffs databases, pick up any D/A Proforma request and easily calculate/print/export it (by any usual document formats). More, the DA Estimator Pro edition has an e-mail integrated (client) system to receive D/A Proforma requests from the Agent website and automatically reply to (send back) the related D/A Proforma. This software product is giving you a full interactivity communication mode by web forms and e-mail system, it even generate the web form for you or your web-master - just to upload it to web and start pick up and reply to any online requests for D/A Proformaes.

Screenshots top

* available only in DA Estimator Pro edition.

Overview and Benefits top

- highly comprehensible displaying & editing of tariffs databases
- tariffs may contain any formula or maritime vessel particular
- self choosing the proper tariffs to be applied (by vessel type etc)
- validate all applied formulaes on proforma calculations
- allow for rates on tariffs (tariffs increase/decrease by circumstances)
- calculate & save a D/A Proforma within seconds
- step by step calculation allows for coming back upon previous values
- edit, load & save vessel-call combination profiles (for later quick use)
- edit, load & save tugs scenarios (for later quick use)

DA Estimator is developed in two editions: DA Estimator Lite which offers basic (described above) facilities and DA Estimator Pro which not only calculate proformaes but is providing a full online interactive communication mode with your partners. Which flavor fits you well you may decide by looking to their features:

Features DA Estimator
DA Estimator
tariffs databases load/save/edit Yes Yes
uses multiple ports (tariffs databases) Yes Yes
uses multiple vessel & call profiles Yes Yes
uses multiple tugs scenarios Yes Yes
run by command line parameters
(by double-clicking on associated files)
Yes Yes
exports any D/A Proforma to TXT, RTF, DOC, PDF & HTML formats Yes Yes
e-Mail integrated system No Yes
e-Mail account monitoring No Yes
e-Mail request processing No Yes
self-generating D/A Proforma to e-Mail it No Yes
e-Mail addresses auto-complete No Yes
e-Mail filtering & anti-spamming No Yes
e-Mail anti-virus protection No Yes
self-generating webforms to properly pick up requests from the Agency's website No Yes

When the owners/managers ask for proforma (invoice) from the Agent, for their vessel future calls, they do not assume that the vessel will surely call the port. It just means that they are calculating and suming up all the involved costs for the vessels presumed call. The calculation of this proforma is therefore not a productive activity but it is highly required. So, why wasteing time and paper? Solve out your time crisis by using DA Estimator.

Why putting yourself into error prone activities like manual calculations?
We have built up this product to easily calculate any proforma just with a few moves (or mouse clicks). Just edit once (and keep updated) all the tariffs and you can (re)calculate any Proforma D/A within seconds while still keeping your "good hand" on calculations.

Does the vessel's owner/manager requests a quick quotation of the fees?
Just check (in the checkboxes) the operations the vessel is going to perform and the D/A Proforma is ready to be printed or sent over. You can let DA Estimator Pro monitor an e-mail account for D/A Proformaes requests, should any one be received, just press a few buttons and checkboxes an the replied D/A Proforma is sent to the recipient without even put an eye on the e-mail addresses. Just those easy steps you ever desired for.

Requirements top
Processor: Pentium 200 Mhz or better,
Color display, minimal resolution: 800x600,
Windows compatible
Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista or later
Upgrade Policy top

The registered users are entitled - free of charge - to upgrade to all minor versions further of the version they have purchased and registered. We offer also convenient discounts for upgrades to the next major versions (or editions).

Documentation top

DA Estimator is distributed together with its help. For registered users a fully documented User Guide (manual) in PDF (Portable Document Format) in english language is available. We will provide you this manual after purchasing, during product's registration process.

No database engine is required; this software product is working smoothly and co-exist with any other software products because it's not dependant on any proprietary database engines.

The user has to fill in (and include in the tariffs sections) the tariffs. These tariffs should be taken from the respective port administration authorities, who's duties are to explain the fees purpose and their application formulaes.