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Build your career at Sollinx

In our endless searching for excellence, we are always looking for talented people to collaborate with. If you think that you posses very good interpersonal communication and writing skills (english proficiency is a must) and the following interests makes you a bright, energetic individual, then drop us a message with your resume, work experience and thoughts on how and why you, too, should become a part of our growing family (and share with us the profitability):

Technical writing

Creating referenced & tutorial-style documentation and user guides for new and existing software products.

Graphic User Interface design

Design interfaces that enhance user productivity while keeping on the easy sensing (share the common sense)

Object-Oriented Programming

Developing new software products and components using object-oriented designing, in order to extend the functionality of Sollinx developed software solutions.

(and enhancement)

Actively develop marketing solutions to sell Sollinx products on a world-wide base, good skills & understanding on proceeding with applications' market vendors & small and medium business entities.

Currently open positions

Sorry, no open positions in our team yet.